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  • Remove newspapers, flyers, packages, mail and other evidence of a vacant residence.

  • Inspect the yard and planting beds for signs of neglect.

  • Monitor landscaped areas.

  • Visual inspection of roof, gutters and siding (from ground level only) for obvious issues.

  • Check for drainage issues.

  • Check all windows and doors for signs of break-in.

  • Visually check for evidence of forced entry, vandalism, theft or damage.

  • Inspect for obvious signs of insect infestation or pest presence.

  • Check outside lighting.

  • Check any out-buildings for signs of damage, vandalism or break-in.

  • Check outside faucets for damage or leaking.

  • Removal of trash that may have appeared on the yard or in the bushes.

  • Visually check the pool cage, pool area, water level and top it off if needed.

  • Visually check the Lanai area.

  • Visually look for obvious signs of exterior weather damage.

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  • Ensure security system is functioning.

  • Change the smoke /CO2 alarms batteries as needed.

  • Check the temperature and humidity settings on the thermostat.

  • Inspect for obvious insect infestations and/or pest presence.

  • Check for water leaks by looking around the ceilings, walls and baseboards.

  • Run water in all the sinks, showers and baths while checking under each sink for obvious signs for leaks.

  • Cycle water by flushing and brushing commodes.

  • Run the garbage disposal.

  •  Short cycle the dishwasher and washing machine as needed.

  • Check security of all windows and doors throughout.

  • Check any lights left on by client.

  • Make sure ceiling fans are on, running at low speed to circulate air (at client request).

  • Check the breaker panel for tripped breakers.

  • Check the water heater for obvious signs of leaks or damage (check for hot water flow).

  • Inspect the air filters (change if necessary at client request).

  • Check on lighting timers if applicable (change at client request).

  • Note any unusual odors throughout the home and locate the source.

  • Visually inspect the HVAC unit for obvious signs of damage.

Additional Services

We offer an array of other services based on our clients needs.

During the consultation we can discuss additional services you may require.

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