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Meet Kevin and Shannon

Front Line Home Watch was founded by Kevin and Shannon Rowell of Cape Coral. Kevin worked in the carpentry and construction field remodeling and building. He later worked for a tool company for several years that built precision measuring devices. Kevin became a police officer and served his community for a total of 29 years. During Kevin's career he was chosen by superiors and appointed to specialty units that he held throughout his career such as, a few listed are, Special Response Team, Honor Guard and Field Training Officer for patrol and detectives. Kevin was assigned full-time to an Anti-Crime Task Force for the purposes of major crimes and controlled substance investigations and trained in numerous facets of crime scene investigations. Additionally, Kevin was assigned temporarily as a point of contact to the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) to assist in any local investigations involving threats to the community after the September 11, 2001 attacks. During his career Kevin earned his master’s degrees in Criminal Justice. Kevin has received multiple commendations and awards during his career.

Kevin’s Home Watch business will benefit from his experience and knowledge. His background has trained Kevin to look for small details and to pay attention to things that are not obvious or easily seen by others.

Shannon worked in the customer service field for a number of years before enlisting in the United States Army. She went through basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. Shannon accomplished the rank of Sergeant in a Military Police Unit. She was promoted and reenlisted while on active duty in Iraq during wartime. During a mission the military vehicle she was riding in struck an IED, earning her a Combat Action Badge and a Purple Heart. During Shannon's time in the military she also earned the Soldier of The Year and Soldier of The Battalion award, after competing in extensive competitions. She was also chosen by the Army to be in the Army’s National Army Strong TV commercial add for recruitment which aired for a number of years. 

Kevin and Shannon both fell in love with the Cape Coral area and decided to make it their family home, with their daughter in 2019. Now they wish to continue their service to their new community as well as the surrounding areas.

photo of the business owner and family
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