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Eric & Jenny

Cape Coral

"We were away from our Florida home and Hurricane Ian was on its way. I contacted Kevin Rowell, the

owner of Front Line Home Watch and asked him if they could check on the house. He was in constant

contact with us throughout sending pictures and videos. Kevin told us the first thing he secured was our

American flag then items on the pool deck and Lanai area. He also put extra dock lines on the boat. Our

home took a really hard hit. Immediately after Kevin and Shannon not only had their own home to care

for and secure, they went to our home to take care of and secure ours. They secured several broken

windows with plywood, removed yard debris and took it roadside. They inspected the inside of the

home which had no power and removed all wet items. They dried and swept the floors and removed all

the broken glass. They removed all perishable items, emptied the ice maker and turned it off, unplugged

most electronics then shut off all house breakers in case of a power surge when and if power was

restored. Additionally, they took numerous after pictures for insurance purposes. They maintained

watchful eyes over our home almost every day looking for other storm related issues, signs of theft and

vandalism. Kevin and Shannon made sure our home was cared for while taking care of their own as well."

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